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MEGAComfort PAM Square Toe

MEGAComfort PAM Square Toe


PAM Square Toe


PRODUCT TYPE: Anti-Fatigue Insole for Square Toe Footwear

MATERIAL: 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam 

ARCH TYPE: Medium, High

PREVENTS: Foot, Back and Knee Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Fungus, Foot Odor and Sweating



    • Square format to fit square toe footwear
    • Maximum Comfort and Shock Absorption
    • Patented 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam
    • Ergonomically Designed By A Doctor
    • Soft Contoured Arch Support for Balance, Comfort and Cushioning
    • Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Technology in Top Cloth
    • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration and Anti-Odor
    • Machine Washable
  • Product Details

    MEGAComfort’s PAM SqUARE Toe Insole is ergonomically designed by a Doctor, using a patented combination of high-density dual layer 100% memory foam. MEGAComfort insoles have been clinically proven and field tested to reduce pain and fatigue while increasing balance and comfort. The PAM Square Toe Insole provides maximum shock absorption and comfort in Square Toe footwear, making them far more effective than the standard anti-fatigue floor mats at reducing muscle strain and improving balance reactions. Perfect for steel toe footwear as the memory foam compresses for safe clearance. Ideal for stationary, mobile and those who work outdoors wearing Square Toe footwear.


    Sizes: W567, M67/W89, M89/W1011, M1011/W1213, M1213, M1414

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