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MEGAComfort Energysole

MEGAComfort Energysole


PAM Energysole   *Discontinued*


PRODUCT TYPE: Anti-Fatigue Insole

MATERIAL: 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam

ARCH TYPE: Medium, High

PREVENTS: Foot, Back and Knee Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Fungus, Foot Odor and Sweating



    • Maximum Comfort and Shock Absorption
    • Patented 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam
    • Ergonomically Designed By A Doctor
    • Soft Contoured Arch Support for Balance, Comfort and Cushioning
    • Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Technology in Top Cloth
    • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Perspiration and Anti-Odor
    • Machine Washable
  • Product Details

    Designed for the modern day worker. The sleek design is made from high-density dual layer 100% memory foam with heel and arch cushioning, which provides all-day comfort and shock absorption. Built for a perfect fit in casual, sneakers, running and work footwear.

    Sizes: W567, M67/W89, M89/W1011, M1011/W1213, M1213, M1414

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